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Factory Brand

As a top electric Golf Cart manufacturer under its own brand, Maxfun sets itself apart from other trading companies in China. With in-house production facilities utilizing cutting-edge technology, Maxfun ensures the highest quality and efficiency in all its products.

Excellent Quality

With over a decade of experience in electric vehicle (EV) production, Maxfun is committed to delivering excellent quality electric golf cart that meet the highest standards.

Professional Marketing Support

Maxfun is the first company to introduce a global agency marketing program that provides comprehensive support to our electric golf cart resellers and distributors.

Our Factory

Maxfun is a renowned manufacturer of new energy vehicle models, winning the trust and support of many consumers with its high-quality products and services.

Our Specialization

High quality products and services have won the trust and support of many consumers

Quality Inspection

We conduct strict quality testing on every new energy vehicle model

Continuously updated

Continuously launching the latest new energy vehicle products.

After-sales service

High quality after-sales service has won high recognition and support from the market.

Reasonable price

Reasonable price and excellent performance have won market praise.

R & D Team

Having a highly skilled and experienced R&D team.

Safety & Reliability

Strict quality testing is conducted on each new energy vehicle model to ensure its safety performance and reliability.

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